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Mighty Bright

Mighty Bright wants everyone to have light – wherever and whenever they need it. Based in Santa Barbara, CA, Mighty Bright designs and manufactures portable LED lights. Our lines of eco-friendly LED lights make your life easier - from reading and crafting to camping and performing your favorite tune. Mighty Bright lights blend ease of use and affordability with impressive functionality, durability and portability. No matter your illumination needs, Mighty Bright is there to fill them.

Our Santa Barbara team is focused on making a difference in your life through light. We proudly offer top-rated customer service and all our products are backed by the Mighty Bright 100% Guarantee.

A Green Future

Since LEDs provide hundreds of thousands of hours of light, you can feel good about your earth friendly purchase. Utilizing advances in solid-state technology, Mighty Bright LED Lights provide energy-efficient, bright illumination — up to 100,000 hours of continuous lighting.

LUX LED Lights by Might Bright

Mighty Bright designs lights for every aspect of your life – including home and office. Our new line of LUX LED Lights means you never have to be without clean, eco-friendly LED Lights. We’ve taken our years of LED expertise and applied them to the LUX line to produce the most stylish and energy-efficient LED lights for home and office on the market today. Shop for LUX LED Lights at

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